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Omega Nibblers​​
These treats are a great way to get Omega-3 fat into your horse.  They contain stabilized flaxseed and are 30% crude fat.  We like the size and shape and are easy for our equine seniors to eat without fear of choking.  It is nice to have a treat that is beneficial to you horse - as Omega 3 greatly supports the health of hooves, joints, skin and haircoat.

Sizes available:  3.5 pounds and 15 pounds
​Retail Price: Starts at $24.95 for 3.5 size
​Manufacturer:  Omega Fields

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The Compassionate Equestrian – 25 Principles To Live By When Caring for and Working With Horses
By:  Allen M. Schoen, DVM  and Susan Gordon
Publisher:  Trafalgar Square
Pages:  422
Retail Price:  $24.95
Anyone who wants to call themselves a “horseman” or a “horsewoman” should be required to read this book in order to do so . . . .  The twenty-five chapters (each devoted to one of the 25 principles) range from “Treating Animals as We Would Like To Be Treated” and “A Compassionate Approach To Training and Showing” to “Recognizing Subtle Signs of Resistance” and “Compassion For The Global Herd”.  In addition, the ongoing story about Willie is invaluable for anyone who has acquired an older horse with both physical and emotional baggage.  Much of what Susan Gordon shares we have been applying to our senior show horses, and to see it crystalized in her entries about Willie in the book confirm that using compassion and treating horses like we want to be treated is a the better way.  Also beneficial are the Questions To Consider following each chapter/principle.  These offer the reader the opportunity for application of the principle to their own equine relationships/experiences.
Absorbine Flex-Max
​This is a great overall product for mobility.  It includes glucosamine, MSM, HCI, HA, Boswella, Flax Seed & Rice Bran.  With Fenugeek added for flavoring it makes it quite palatible.  The measuring scoop is also accuarate - making it easy for daily dosage.

Sizes available:  5 pounds (30-day supply)

                   and 10 pounds (60-day supply)
​Retail Price: Starts at $49.95 for 5 pound size
​Manufacturer:  Absorbine/W.F. Young

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Where Does My Horse Hurt?
By: Renee Tucker DVM
Publisher:  Trafalgar Square
Pages:  174
Retail Price:  $26.95

This is a must-have book for anyone who owns a senior horse!  It outlines 27 body check-ups that the average horse owner can do on their own horse - in detecking soreness and injury.  It also explains normal range of motion (and what it looks like), and helps get to the bottom of those "mystery" lamenesses, or "just being off".

​​Omega Nibblers  Low Sugar & Starch
​These low sugar/starch (they have 63% less sugar and starch then regular Nibblers) treats are a blessing for  horses that are insulin resistant and/or are very easy keepers. The heart shape of the treat, along with being fiberous (containing ground, stabilized flax seed, rice bran, beet pulp, and alfalfa meal), makes it easy to break it into smaller pieces.  There is no need for a knife (or other tool) to break them apart.  We liked this for two reasons:  with poor teeth or issues of choke you can feed the treat in smaller piece, and one treat can be broken into several pieces for use in stretching/suppling exercises with your horse.  We tested the treat on a 28-year-old with poor teeth and he was able to easily chew it up.  We also used it as incentive for a 17-year-old mare (who’s an easy, easy keeper) to do her stretching exercises before her workouts.  Not only did she stretch farther than normal, she LOVED the treats and was looking for more of them.  It’s nice to know that no extra sugar is getting into her diet by feeding these and I’m sure they will be part of her daily routine for the rest of her life.  The resealable bag is nice and keeps the treats quite fresh smelling.  When you open the bag it smells very wholesome - like when you open a new box of Kashi cereal.  It’s also nice to know that with Omega 3, 6 & 9 horses are getting antioxidant benefits, and support for their immune system and haircoat.
Sizes:  3.5 lbs.  &  15 lbs.
Retail Price:  $24.95 ( 3.5 lbs),  $74.25 (15lbs.)
​Manufacturer:  Omega Fields

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Aging Horse - Help Your Horse Grow Old
With Dignity & in Health
"Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series"
By:  Juliet M. Getty, Ph,D
Pages:  43
Retail Price:  $14.95
This book was transcribed from Dr. Getty's TeleSeminar presentations and covers crucial information for the senior horse owner.  Dr. Getty frequently lectures on equine nutrition, and is the author of Feed Your Horse Like A Horse.  This book begins with a discusion of conditions that often affect the senior horse - including:  dental problems, obesity, decrease in digestion efficiency, and kidney/liver function, and arthritis.  She also discusses common senior horse disorders like Cushings, insulin Resistance, and more.  Dr. Getty offers guidelines for feeding, as well the use of supplements.  She also weighs in on vet exams, blood testing, and hay testing (all important when feeding a senior horse). The latter part of the book is devoted to horse owner questions-  ranging from water consumption, chewing problems and choke, ulcers and digestive upsets, and the use of pre and probiotics.  This book is a must have for senior horses - offering invaluable information on caring for them in their golden years.
​Pedocan Hoof Oil
We have heard about the German line (Pharmaka) of hoof products for a while, now - so we were quite eager to try Pedocan hoof oil.  In our testing, we found the oil quite easy to apply and it soaked nicley into the hoof wall and absorbed quickly.  The slightly thicker consistency of the oil (as compared to many other hoof oils) kept it from dripping all over the place.  In addition, being almost clear in color, it did not stain the concrete floor.  Twenty-four hours later the hoof wall still appeared to be moisturized. Furthermore, the hoofwall remained this way even after working horses out in a sand arena and walking through wet grass. The only downside is that there is not an application brush built into the bottle.  We used our own brush, which had to be removed to close the bottle in between applications. 
Sizes:  500ml.  &  1 Liter
​Re​tail Price:  $12.95 ( 500 ml),  $19.95 (1 Liter)
​Manufacturer:  Pharmaka

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​Hock Shield Ultras
​This product is a must have for anyone who has a horse that rubs sores on their hocks!  Not only do they stay on, they helped to heal up sores on our show mare's hocks in two weeks.  Even though this mare's stall is deeply bedded- overnight she often pushes the bedding around so there are exposed rubber mats.  Over time pushing off from the bare mats had developed small hock sores.  We also used the shields while hauling our horse and believed they helped to give support to the hock that normally abuts the wall of our slant horse trailer.  In addition, the guards were nice to put on this mare while stalled at horse shows - especially when stabling on cement,  They also protected her hocks from making contact with the wall when she occassional kicked at the horse stabled next to her.  They are well constructed - made with an outer shell of neoprene and an inside of double-lined fleece.  The heavy duty velcro closures allow for an adjustable fit and also keep the guards in place.  We also hand washed them and they washed out well and kept their shape.  The hock guards will be part of this mare's nighlty regimen for the rest of her life; they are well worth the investment.

Sizes & Suggested Retail Price
​S/M, L/XL   - $64.95
​Manufacturer:  Click Horse Products, Inc.
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​This is a great alternative to traditional Bute for the use in alievating pain and inflammation.  With Yucca and Devil's Claw (popular herbs for inflammation) and B-12 (helps with energy) we saw a a good, overall comfort level with the senior horse is was tested on. The apple flavoring, along with the alfalfa meal made it quite palatable and it did not require any tricks (like adding applesauce) to get our tester horse to eat it.  The directions for dosing were clear and the scoop for measuring was the right size for dosage.  The resealable bag is a great feature and helped to keep the supplement fresh.  What is really nice about this product is that for our very arthritic senior horses that need a daily prescription NSAID regimen,  Bute-Less could be given mid-day (without worry of overloading their system with painkillers) to help with their mobility on days that were really damp and cold.

​Sizes & Suggested Retail Price
​30g   Paste (3 doses) - $10.95
2lb    Pellets-  $23.95
5 lb.  Pellets - $54.95
10lb. Pellets - $98.95
32 oz. Solution - $25.95
​128 oz. Solution - $89.95
​Manufacturer:  WF Young (Absorbine)
​For more information click on the URL below
We used this on our show mare, prior to her workouts, applying it to a front knee that has shown some stiffness from arthitis.  We were quite pleased with the consistancy of the product - it's not too thick, nor is it runny.  This makes it easy to apply to the area where it's needed.  Even though it contains camphor and menthol, it was not overly strong in smell; nice both for not having a tell-tale sign of use while in the show pen, and in washing it off of our hands.  The mare appeared to move more freely with the use of the product.  While the hair at application site did dry a little stiff, it brushed out nicely and did not cause any scruff or irritation.
​Sizes:  16 oz.
​Re​tail Price:  $11.00
​Manufacturer: Hawthorne Products

​For more product information click on the URL below
​HandsOn Gloves
​These wet/dry gloves are outstanding not only for bathing horses, but also for shedding hair/grooming, and for massage.  They are a must have for anyone who believes in the benefits of massge therapy for their horses.  While there are other "massage" items out there, most are clumbsy to use and poorly made.  Not these!  They are well made and stay secure while using - becuase they fit (like a glove) and they also have a velcro closure at the wrist. The breathable nylon topside ensures that your hands won't get too warm, while the underside (covered with rubber nodules, are patterned over pressure points (like your palm) for a deep massage effect.  We used these gloves prior to working out our show mare (who has extreme muscle tightness in the shoulders and over the pelvis and hips areas).  The result was miraculous!  She moves as well as she does after receiving  45-minute session with the professional equine massge therapist, who works on her during show season. We will definately have a pair of these in our grooming pail both at home and another for our out-of-town horse show supplies.
Sizes Available:  Jr., S, M, L, XL
Retail Price: $25 (a pair)
​For more information click on the URL below
Herbal Bute
This product has a great blend of herbal ingredients (Devil's Claw, Cat's Claw, White Willow, Meadowsweet, and Yucca).  Individually, each one of these herbs would be beneficial. And combined, the result is awesome!  The added peppermint flavoring made it very palatable . . . . there was no sifting of our horse's ration to separate the herbal bute from the grain - as is the case with some herbal products.  Our tester horse (who has huge, arthritic knees) did quite well on the Herbal Bute and required no additional NSAIDs.  He actually cantered out to his pasture on several occasions!  Again, this is a nice product to have on hand for horses that normally need Bute or Banamine to stay mobile - either to use for added support if you're arleady at your max NSAID dosage.  Used alone, it's a nice break from a NSAID regimen.  And for horses with mild arthritis/inflammation it's a better choice to use on a longterm basis with minimal risk for side effects.
​Sizes & Suggested Retail Price
3b      Pellet s-  $62.00
5 lb.   Pellets  - $87.00
10lb.  Pellets - $155.00
​Manufacturer:  Equine Science
​For more information click on the URL below
​Dermafas - Wound Care Cream
We were amazed with this product for its capability to heal some old, longtime dermatitis patches on a 28-year-old horse.  For several years nearly every wound product on the market  had been used on these spots, and nothing worked.  It was emabrrassing to have these spots (several vets called them bed sores) as our horses rarely have a cut or a mark on them.  I also didn't like the fact that despite meticualous grooming and care of this animal's coat - several times a year these sores would get inflammed and bleed.  In just two weeks of using this product the sores healed up and I am shocked to say that new hair is growing in.  I wouldn't believe it if I had not done the testing myself - as we have tried more then one dozen salves, creams, sprays, and shampoos to get these healed up.  And after so many years of the areas being hairless, I wouldn't have thought any hair would grow back.  I also like the consistency of this cream.  It was easy to apply and it can be kept in unheated barns during the winter without freezing or getting too thick to apply.  This cream is a combination of amino-acid vitamin complexes, and also includes Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Oil (both great for fighting infections).  It is recommended for wounds, buirns, bites, muck-itch and ear plaques.
Sizes & Suggested Retail Price
7 ounces - $16.95
​Manufacturer:  NunnFiner Products
​For more information click on the URL below
​Senior-Flex H/A
​This senior supplement with added HA tested well on our show mare.  Not only did she continue to move well on this supplement's combination of MSM, Glucosamine, Ester-C, Chondroitin Sulfate, and HA,  the added Yucca offered some pain/infalmmation relief on the damp fall/winter days that occured during the testing period.  Her eating habits also appeared to slow down - likely due to the added probiotics, which help with digestive health and possible ulcers.  Not only was the supplement highly palatable (there was no sifting of grain while she ate her ration), the enclosed scoop was appropriate for the dosage specified.
​Sizes & Suggested Retail Price
5 lb.   Pellets  - $99.95
10lb.  Pellets -  $190.75

20lb.  Pellets  - $357.50
Manufacturer:  Met-Vet Pharmaceutical
​For more information click on the URL below
​Psyllium Pellets
We were quite pleased with these pellets.  As for a sand preventative product it was amazingly easy to feed. The psyllium seed husk is In pelleted form and flavored with molasses.  The pellets mixed nicely with grain rations and required no wetting.  They were highly palatable and horses did not sift them out from their grain.  Unlike feeding psyllium seed husk (which needs to be wetted so it can't be sifted from grain) these pellets did not stick or bind up on our horse's teeth.  We also liked that the instructions for dosage was clear and easy to follow.
​Sizes & Suggested Retail Price
3lb.   Pellets  - $24.95 (12 servings)
12lb.  Pellets -  $80.95 (48 servings)
25lb.  Pellets  - $162.95 (100 servings)
Manufacturer:  Formula 707
​For more information click on the URL below